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 Compiled by
  Fritz Geller-Grimm


The Natural Science Collections depend on scientists, who revise the material. So the collections become more significant with this work.
The openeing hours are: Mon-Thu 7 am - 4.30 pm, Fry 7 am - 1.30 pm. In addition you can arrange a special engagement.
There are several possibilities for working (inside the collection or in a guest room). We can offer a microscope, binocular microscopes and cold lights. The library is also open.
Up to now service is free - may it stay like that.
Like other museums we are not very interested in loans, but we know the necessity. If you will borrow a bigger part of the collection, we have to inform the state ministry first.

The routine work demands the complete working hours. We have to prepare new exhibitions and to work in the collections. Scientific work is possible in few bigger museums in Germany (München, Stuttgart, Frankfurt a.M., Bonn, Berlin).
Therefore research studies are restricted to the spare time and we pursue the following projects:

Photographic atlas of the german robber flies