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  Fritz Geller-Grimm


Heir of the throne palace
Heir of the throne palace - headquaters of the museum, 1829

The Nassau Society of Natural Sciences and the museum were both founded 1829 and belonged together. Administration was in the hands of the gouvernment of the duchy of Nassau, represented by a high official, whereas the organisation of the museum was let to the society, whose president held the official title of "Secretary and Inspector of the Museum".
From 1866 - 1900 the actual President of Gouvernment was also director of the society. The society exclusively paid for and enlargened the museums collections for decanies. Since 1844 the society's year-books were edited, thus possibility was given, by exchange with other societies, to create a valuable library, which, to relieve us and to present this property to a large public, is administrated by the Nassau Landesbibliothek. The contents of these year-books treasure important scientific publications about nature in our home country. [Heineck, 1950 - translated by R. Wedig]