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 Compiled by
  Fritz Geller-Grimm


Fritz Geller-Grimm. Foto von Bernd Fickert Fritz Geller-Grimm
Head of the Natural History Department
Curator (Biologist)
Tel. +0049 (0) 611 - 335-2178

  Susanne Kridlo Susanne Kridlo
Curator (Biologist)
Tel. +0049 (0) 611 - 335-2182
Dr. Hannes Lerp Dr. Hannes Lerp
Curator (Biologist)
Tel. +0049 (0) 611 - 335-2183


Dr. Eric Otto Walliser Dr. Eric Otto Walliser
Curator Digital Collections (Paleontologist)
Tel. +0049 (0) 611 - 335-2201


  Dr. Andy Reymann Dr. Andy Reymann
Curator (Ethnologist) - temporarily limited
Tel. +0049 (0) 611 - 335-2283
Lisa Schwarz Lisa Schwarz
Scientific trainee (Biologist)
Tel. +0049 (0) 611 - 335-2178
  Gabriele Knepper Gabriele Knepper
Education Nature (Biologist)
Tel. +0049 (0) 611 - 335-2178
Fax +0049 (0) 611 - 335-2192
Felix Richter Felix Richter
Tel. +0049 (0) 611 - 335-2186
Fax +0049 (0) 611 - 335-2192


  Susann Steinmetzger Susann Steinmetzger
Taxidermist Tel. +0049 (0) 611 - 335-2186
Fax +0049 (0) 611 - 335-2192


Verena Seiffert Verena Seiffert
Store manager
Tel. +0049 (0) 611 - 335-2246
Fax +0049 (0) 611 - 335-2192


  Johann Viebrock Lara Lohse
Voluntary year of social services in culture
Tel. +0049 (0) 611 - 335-2283
Fax +0049 (0) 611 - 335-2192


Herbert Billensteiner Herbert Billensteiner
Field of work: Botanical collections (since May 2007)


Dr. Jan Boharty Dr. Jan Bohatý
Field of work: Palaeontological Collections (since July 2013)


Monika Burk Monika Burk
Field of work: Mineralogical collection (since Jan. 2014)
Gesine Friedrich Gesine Friedrich
Field of work: Library (since Feb. 2005)


Prof. Dr. Kirsten I. Grimm Prof. Dr. Kirsten I. Grimm
Field of work: Palaeontological Collections (since Sept. 2013)


Werner Hammer Werner Hammer
Field of work: Ethnological collection (since Oct. 2010)


Dr. Ulrich Hecker Dr. Ulrich Hecker
Field of work: Seeds and fruits collection (since March 2013)


Dr. Doris Heidelberger Dr. Doris Heidelberger
Field of work: Devonian collection (since Feb. 2001)


Hella Hilbert-Frese Hella Hilbert-Frese
Field of work: Mineralogical collection (since Jan. 2013)


Sylvain Hodvina Sylvain Hodvina
Field of work: Botanical collection (since May 2000)


Swane Jung Swane Jung
Entomological collections (since Dec. 2018)


Dietrich Kadolsky Dietrich Kadolsky
Field of work: Palaeontological Collections (since May 2015)


Alexandra Kafitz Alexandra Kafitz
Specialized support for visitors (since July 2021)


Verena Lenhardt Verena Lenhardt
Field of work: Botanical collection (since Dez 2007)


Peter Mischler Peter Mischler
Field of work: Collection Lepidoptera (since Mar 2017)
Karin Müller Karin Müller
Field of work: Gerning collection (since Aug. 2001)


Christos Ott Christos Ott
Expert advice in the exhibition (since Nov. 2021)


Melanie Pfeiffer Melanie Pfeiffer
Specialized support for visitors (since December 2021)


Edith Rassinger Edith Rassinger
Field of work: Library (since May 2011)
Klaus Rassinger Klaus Rassinger
Field of work: Photography (since Jan. 2010)
Gisela Schadewaldt Gisela Schadewaldt
Field of work: Botanical collection (since January 2007)
Dr. Dieter Schemuth Dr. Dieter Schemuth
Field of work: Library (since Dec. 2009)
Charles Schouwenburg Charles Schouwenburg
Field of work: Pleistocene collection (since Mar. 2010)
Marianne Sengebusch Marianne Sengebusch
Building contacts to schools and educational institutions (since Oct. 2014)
Christopher Thomas Christopher Thomas
Field of work: Mineralogical collection (since May 2006)
Brigitte Tietze Brigitte Tietze
Editorial staff (since August 2019)


Sophie Vincent Sophie Vincent
Field of work: Coll. Mollusca (since December 2019)
W.-Rüdiger Wandke W.-Rüdiger Wandke
Field of work: Mineralogical and sand collections (since Feb. 2005)
Alfred Westenberger Alfred Westenberger
Field of work: Lepidoptera collection (since May 2020)
Dr. Patrick Zell Dr. Patrick Zell
Field of work: Geological collection (since Dec. 2018)

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